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Everything started with the first husky in the year 1996. When the first husky was gotten, my main-interest was directed at the cross-country skiing at this time and it makes very much more joy with a sled-dog. After it didn't remain with only one dog, like many other Musherkolegs, the herd was widened from year to year and the first test drives with a wooden-sled didn`t wait longer, with it we did our first daring exits, none of that finished without a coarse fall into the snow.


Upon long considerations and through contacts with different leading companies, a first prototype of a RS sled was finished in the year 2000. The first tests proceeded very promising and soon, a reindeer-capable model was ready for the first championships through my brother Christoph.


The advantages of this construction of a sled were obvious, on the one hand through the short cross-country skis, which offers optimal straight ahead-run, and the crusts on the side of the runners enables driving in curves like on rails, without triffting, the covering is annually improved by Atomic and can be prepared optimally.


With these achievements, Christoph could decide the state-master-title and the Europeancup in favor of himself in the first test-phase of the sled. This was a proof for me that I took the right way with this construction. It was developed again and again and it was only more worked together with the best companies. Soon, a brake-mat was developed, on which a musher could still stands with both legs and the sled has also a perfect straight ahead-run. It was also kept more and more an eye on the specific weight of the individual prefabricated parts to have the lightest sled on the market.


As the demand for the sleds became ever bigger, the company-foundation let wait no more longer for itself. But with it not enough, it still became always improved to be advanced to the competitors.


In the first season of the independence, on the Austrian state-masters in the categories D, C, B and O the master-titles with a RS sleds was won, shortly after, the deputy-Europe-champion-title in the category B through Ludwig Kreuzer, the Europe-champion-title in the category A through Joel Reyniers and as on it-offering the deputy-Europe-champion-title in the king-class through Christian Muschau.


Through this top results, the big breakthrough was created, and the trust in these sleds constantly grew. Further Top Musher could be won to customers, not least through Alexander Serdjukov, who drove the sled to the Europe-master and deputy-worldchampion. Also Gerald Osterbauer, Rainer and Marco Diemer, Michael Käsbohrer, Petra Lind, Sven and Nina Plesner, Patric Kuru, Patrick Wirz can be counted to the clientele as top mushers.


But rests on laurels are in the house of RSS not possible, improvements were done again like the skaring- system, the snow-anchor-mounting with click-system, the brake-mat can be steered from the handle-bar and so on. The highlight of the season 2006 is the RSS Carbon sled with its low weight is it the easiest sled of the world market.


In the meantime, the sled is exported into 25 countries of Europe, Canada, Alaska and Australia.


The coronation of this sled was the Europe-championship 2007 in Zuberec (SVK) when in cat. O - the Europe - and the deputy-Europe-champion were won on RS sleds, this is the best proof of the quality and endurance of this sled.



The first prototypes 2000 - 2001

First Sleds


First Sleds









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