Wax and runners service

Runners prewaxed

We offer the runners also prewaxed:

It includes:
  • cleaning the base
  • 2x base wax
  • 1x graphit wax
  • 1x SG4

a waxed Ski is very important because it makes the Ski more resistant, harder, non-abrasive, it prevents for drain and it makes it much faster.
Price incl. 20% Vat.   59,00 €

Wax box

We can pretreat the coating of your new runners in the wax box.

The runners will keep for 24 hours in warm temperature with a very soft wax.

It will go very deep into the coating and prevents for dryness what make the gliding additionally again better.
Price incl. 20% Vat.   29,90 €

Runners service

The runnes can be ordered on demand with a cold, middle or warm grinding.

The middle grinding will be serially on new runners.
Gladly you can send us your old runners and we will rework them.
Price incl. 20% Vat.   19,90 €










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